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“I have been using all this material in my classes over many years. All notes are focused on my students, often including quotes and references to the original works in order to allow them to expand their knowledge. And this is basically their unique purpose. However, some colleagues have shown interest in using them in their classes, so I thought it might be useful for other teachers and students as well.

All of them are under a Creative Commons license, which allows their use as long as there is no economical profit and the source is quoted. Some chapters have been designed together with colleagues of my department, but in these specific cases they have given their consent for this material to be put under the Creative Commons license and to be downloaded from this site.

Finally, note that some of this material requires a password for downloading. It is also under a Creative Commons license but users wishing to download it need request the downloading password by email (sergio@sergiolasuen.com)”

Sergio Lasuén, Abril 2012

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Link to Harmonic ear training exercises on line: www.appliedharmony.com

Aspectos básicos de Armonía Tradicional:

Harmonic Analysis Exercises:


Teoría de las Formas: Tema 1_Elementos constitutivos de la música:

Teoría de las Formas: Tema 4_Análisis fraseológico:

Teoría de las Formas: Tema 5_Pequeñas formas binarias y ternarias:

Teoría de las Formas: Tema 10_La sonata clásica:


Resumen Curso 2010/2011: